AA Rosette

At Playfair’s Restaurant and Steakhouse, we are always striving for excellence. This attitude filters down to everything from our friendly and efficient service to our innovative dishes to our local and trusted suppliers. We’ve always said that the opinions of our guests are the most important, and we strive to always make sure our guests have a great experience and have a creative and delicious meal.

RosetteBecause of this dedication to providing St Andrews with amazing food, we have been awarded one AA Rosette for Culinary Excellence.  The AA Rosette award scheme is the first nationwide scheme for assessing the quality of food served by restaurants and hotels. An AA inspector secretly dines in each restaurant, evaluating certain criteria to judge whether a restaurant is worthy of the award.

Based on their criteria, they decided that Playfair’s showed the qualities of One Rosette, that it is an excellent restaurant that stands out in the local area, that the food is prepared with care, understanding and skill, and that the ingredients are of a high quality.

Though all of us share in the success of this great award, none of us are more proud than Head Chef Duncan McLachlan:

“Since I started at Playfair’s as Head Chef it has been my intention to apply to the Rosette scheme and this year I felt the food we were serving was of the right standard in terms of cooking technique and quality to qualify for a Rosette.  It really is a privilege to receive this accolade and know that the effort we all put in has paid off. The whole team at Playfair’s is very passionate not only about the taste and look of the dishes we serve but also the origin and seasonality of the products. The team and I will not stop here and will continue to strive for excellence.”

Chefs with their AA Rosette plate

So, if you’ve never dined with us in Playfair’s, why not book a table tonight in an award-winning restaurant? Or if you’re a regular, come experience the superb dishes and friendly service that you’ve already come know and love!

We hope to see you soon, and way to go, Playfair’s!

By Carmen Rowe | May 5, 2015