Staff Profile – Kathryn!


It’s time for another staff profile for Playfair’s Restaurant! Kathryn has been part of Playfair’s Army for 8 months now as she studies at the University of St Andrews. She’s from Half Moon Bay, California (about just south of San Francisco) and is now in her fourth year getting a degree in management.

What is your favourite thing about working at Playfair’s?

I love working the breakfast shifts! You get to see the same people morning after morning, and it’s great to hear all of their exciting stories about golf or the University or their travels. You get to build relationships with people over time, but I’m always sad to see people leave!

What have you loved most about living in St Andrews?

I love how diverse St Andrews is. It’s a very international town, so you get to meet people from all over the world. But not just other students, the locals here are so friendly, and I’ve made friends with people who have lived in St Andrews for years.

What’s the biggest difference between St Andrews and California?

I always say the same thing when people ask me this question: At home in California, when I look outside and it’s cloudy, I think it’s going to be cold, but then I go outside and it’s warm. Here in Scotland, when I look outside and it’s sunny, I assume it’s going to be warm, but it’s cold!

What about your career aspirations?

I want to use my management degree in the Food and Beverage industry, or in some kind of hospitality!

Lastly, and probably most importantly, what is your favourite dish on the menu at Playfair’s?

The Ribeye. Stuart Minick (Playfair’s local butcher) has the best steaks you’ll ever have, and the chefs here grill it perfectly.

And your favourite drink?

Definitely a gin & tonic with Harris Gin.


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By Carmen Rowe | October 20, 2016