Whiskies in Playfair’s Restaurant

Whiskies Whiskies

At Playfair’s Restaurant and Steakhouse, whisky is one of the most popular drinks with our guests. We serve over 30 different whiskies that are from all over Scotland. So we thought it would be useful to let you know a bit more about whisky and the different whisky regions in Scotland!

First, let us tell you a few facts about whisky!

1) The term ‘whisky‘ is originally from the Gaelic ‘uisge beatha’, meaning ‘water of life’. Whisky has been distilled in Scotland for hundreds of years.

2) Once whisky has been distilled, it can only age in wooden casks. Once it is bottled in glass bottles, it can survive for over 100 years and will not change in flavour.

3) Whisky can only be labeled as such if it has aged in a cask a minimum of 3 years and 1 day!

4) There are over 5000 types of single malt whisky.

5) Just under 38 bottles of whisky are exported from Scotland every second!

Scotland’s Whisky Region Map

Scotland is home to over 100 distilleries, the country is split up into 5 whisky producing regions. The 5 regions are Highland, Speyside, Lowland, Islay and Campbeltown.

The Highland Region is geographically the largest region out of all of them and offer the largest range of styles, the Whisky-Regions-of-Scotlandwhiskies distilled here are typically heavier and drier than others and most of the time produce whisky with notes of nut, honey and peat.

The Speyside Region is home to over half of Scotland’s distilleries, and gets its name from the River Spey which cuts through the regions and provides many of the distilleries with the water they use. The single malt whiskies they produce are sometimes smokey, but most of the time more fruity.

In the Lowlands, their single malt whiskies are known as ‘Lowland Ladies’. These single malt whiskies are softer, lighter styles and are usually known for their malty, zesty flavours and fruity, floral notes.

There are 8 active distilleries in Islay, and is one of the best whisky producing islands. Frequently, the whisky has flavours of peat and smoke, a central characteristic of Islay whiskies.

Lastly Campbeltown, which once had over 30 working distilleries now has only 3 local distilleries. Their single malts whiskies are known for their briny character with slight hints of saltiness.

Why not take a look at our whisky list and stop by either Playfair’s Restaurant or Playfair’s Bar for a dram!

By Carmen Rowe | October 5, 2016